Rebel Yell Issue #3 Funding!

We are now accepting orders (and donations) which will be put towards our Issue #3 production costs! We hope to release a Rebel Yell comic quarterly (we were sadly put behind schedule by the Indiegogo Politburo). We're aiming to have this printed and shipped by September.

Rebel Yell and Silver Shot 

Work done so far:
1. Completed Script
2. Completed Pencils and Inks
3. Colours halfway done

To be done:
1. Finish colouring
2. Letter
3. Edit
4. Print

Look to the right of our homepage to choose a funding option! Thanks!

The Story:
Armed robberies rip their way through Vandal City, but the only items selected by the bandit are those containing silver. Rebel Yell decides to make a stake-out, but did he choose the right bait for the bullet-spewing baddie? Find out in Issue #3 - Rebel Yell vs. the gun-slinging Silver Shot!